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Jill Collinge

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Lincolnshire, Leicestershire & Rutland

Stamford, Lincolnshire


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Talk Selection includes:

* Curiosities of the Counties
* Saints and Sinners
* Affairs of the Heart
(Romantic connections of the area)
* Bell, Book and Candle
(Discovering churches can be fun)
* Time, Gentlemen, please
(The origin of pub signs)
* "I never knew that"
(The origin of sayings)
* Powder and Paint
(Make up through the ages)
* Follow me please
(Life and times of a Tour Guide)
* Stamford: The Jewel in the Crown
* Lincoln: The City on the Hill
* Oakham: So much in so little
* The Christmas Tradition
* Christmas comes but once a year
* Simple Words, Hidden Meanings.
(The history of Nursery Rhymes).
* 'Tis my delight
(A personal view of the area)
* Please ask about the latest additions.

Guided Walks

* Stamford
* Lincoln
* Oakham
* Uppingham
* Oundle

All of the town walks
are 1 hour 15 mins
in duration.

Themed Walks in Stamford

* Stamford and its film locations
* Pride & Prejudice & Middlemarch.
* Medieval Stamford
* Georgian Delights
* In Grandmama's Footsteps
(Victorian Stamford)
* All the King's Men
* Affairs of the Heart
(Romantic Connections)
* The Pen is Mightier than
the Sword
(Literary Connections)
* Towers and spires